Good Spirit Corporation | Veteran Security Journalist to Bring New Perspective Fresh Content to Trustwavecom

Veteran Security Journalist to Bring New Perspective Fresh Content to Trustwavecom

Veteran Security Journalist to Bring New Perspective Fresh Content to Trustwavecom

Posted by in News 14 Aug 2013

Dan Kaplan, who was most recently the award-winning executive editor of SC Magazine, will join Trustwave next week as manager of online content. He will be working to make the stories we share on this blog, social media and throughout our website more meaningful, compelling and valuable to you.
I asked Dan why he’s joining the Trustwave team, what he’s hoping to accomplish and what you should expect from him once he gets settled in:
Q: What made you decide to join Trustwave?
A: During my 7 ½-year stint as a reporter then executive editor for SC Magazine, I’ve always had a terrific working relationship with Trustwave. The company employs smart people who have served as compelling and insightful sources for my stories. In addition, I’ve consistently been impressed by the company’s breadth of portfolio, but particularly by its efforts to help companies, from big-name businesses to mom-and-pop shops, deal with the complexities of compliance and data security.
Q: How will your skills and experience at SC Magazine translate into your new role at Trustwave? 
A: I believe Trustwave recognizes the need to develop a powerful and cohesive voice across its website and other media properties. It also recognizes that the information security and compliance market is crowded, and there is ample customer and prospect confusion around exactly how vendors can help them.
And that’s where I will come in. My role will focus on furthering Trustwave visibility and value proposition through the production of informative, useful and perhaps some entertaining content. If content is meaningful and remarkable, it doesn’t matter where it appears. It will have value.
Trustwave has customers in 96 countries, a local presence in 26 of them, and employs more than 1,100 people. And tons of businesses have access to Trustwave’s cloud and managed security services platform. That’s a lot of stories to tell to a community — IT professionals and business leaders who want to fight cybercrime, protect their data and reduce their security risk — that already is REALLY engaged.
And if it turns out the way I think it will, the role won’t feel that much different than working in a newsroom, and the content that is produced won’t look too dissimilar either.
Q: Why do you think you were a fit for this role?
A: Well, my time at SC Magazine was invaluable. Not only did I write and edit, but I also starred in and helped produce webcasts, podcasts, videos, etc. and helped develop and drive our editorial content strategy – all while becoming a subject-matter expert in one of the hottest industries around.
And drawing from my experience as a journalist, I also plan to apply a healthy dose of skepticism to all of the work I do at Trustwave, because I know our audience is smart – and they don’t want to have their intelligence insulted when they come to us for information.
Q: What are you looking forward to most?
A: Three things:

Narrowing my focus. At SC Magazine, I covered and edited a wide variety of story topics, from breaches to vulnerabilities to mergers and acquisitions to larger trend and enterprise pieces. That was deeply rewarding, but I am looking forward to refining my focus now to strictly telling the story of Trustwave.
Channeling my creative side. Turning over copy is the name of the game in the online journalism business. It will be refreshing to immerse myself into a role where page views are less relevant, and I can collaborate with colleagues to develop really awesome ideas. I’m confident that when these content ideas turn into reality, it will be really rewarding for everyone involved.
Building a strategy. Content marketing goes beyond filing some blog posts and improving SEO. It’s something bigger than that. And at Trustwave, I’ll have the opportunity to come in and help the company develop an online content strategy that will lay the groundwork for many years to come.

Q: So what should Trustwave followers expect from you?
A: Stay tuned. Big things are coming from Trustwave from a content perspective!
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