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Aerohive Networks reduces the cost and complexity of today’s networks with cloud-enabled Wi-Fi and routing solutions for medium and large enterprise headquarters, branch offices and teleworkers. Aerohive’s award-winning cooperative control Wi-Fi architecture, public or private cloud-enabled network management, routing and VPN solutions eliminate costly controllers and single points of failure. This gives its customers mission critical reliability with granular security and policy enforcement and the ability to start small and expand without limitations.

The confluence of the “iEverything” mobility explosion, the emergence of Wi-Fi as the primary network access technology, the efficiencies of cloud services, and the decentralization of the corporate office, with home-shoring, teleworkers, micro-branches and partnering, is forcing enterprises to reevaluate their IT strategies. Aerohive’s vision securely harnesses these trends and technologies to enhance enterprise productivity, while at the same time, reducing the cost and complexity of today’s networks.aerohive_family_0213

Aerohive is able to achieve this vision by delivering:

  • Cloud-enabled Networking
    • Leveraging the scale, availability and economies of the cloud to minimize network provisioning complexity and operational cost
    • Reduce capital expense with “Software as a Service” management options
  • Extended enterprise networking
    • Headquarters–like access, security, and performance at any location
    • Cost effective, enterprise class, branch and teleworker infrastructure
    • Survivable, self organizing / self healing network OS
  • Productive Mobility
    • Distributed intelligence for enhanced visibility and control of wireless clients
    • Mission-critical reliability without bottlenecks or single points of failure
    • Granular policy enforcement to secure and control consumer devices that connect to the enterprise network

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