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Bluebird Pidion

Bluebird is the global leader on the Industrial & Enterprise PDA Market. The company has cutting-edge technology embedded within all Pidion products. With the features of CDMA, WLAN, GSM Module, Bluetooth, IrDA, thermal printer, MSR, MP3, Camera, etc., Bluebird is now recognized as an unchallenged corporate within the Telecommunication field.

Pidion is one of the major industrial PDAs, which offer customers enterprise-class solutions for identification and data collection as well as e-payment.

PIDION solutions are used in areas such as FMGC, health, financial, housing, educational, industrial, logistics, transportation, government, courier, etc..


Industrial Pad

“Being Useful as well as Reliable” is the creed of the Bluebird Pidion Pad, which is designed to serve anyone that needs to be or, is willing to be productive. All the tasks that once happened to be possible only in the office, takes place everywhere. Showing the mission driven contents in high resolution at all angles, the Bluebird Pidion Pad allows seamless workflow without causing any visual fatigue. The longest battery hours complemented by the eco-friendly CPU runs the Bluebird Pidion Pad beyond any work hours. One may add or subtract various peripherals for different vertical applications. Reliability wise, the Pidion Pad stands tough against all roughs. Better yet, having all these brilliant and useful features packaged in light-weighted case, the Pidion Pads are one fully ripe business tool. Usually, change causes stress and anxiety. Cross them all out now because instead of you getting used to the BP80, the BP80 will get used to you and your daily missions before you know it.
Models are running Windows Mobile and Android.

Industrial handheld computer

Industrial handheld computer provides multiple communication options to meet both indoor and outdoor uses. Its 802.11b/g WiFi complimented by a CCX v4 security certification ensures fast and reliable wireless data transmission inside the four walls. Optional HSDPA (3.5G) mobile radio and integrated GPS capability enable field operations in logistics. It also supports G-sensor for customer-facing applications such as signature capture.Industrial handheld computer delivers a broad range of advanced data capture capabilities for inventory management. It supports 1D laser, 1D long range laser, or 2D imager scanner for collecting barcode data, as well as 3.0 megapixel autofocus camera for capturing images of damaged asset. Its attachable pistol grip kit (optional) enhances work productivity and reduces worker’s fatigue for scan-intensive operations.


The rugged all-in-one handheld computer is designed to meet growing demands between enterprise mobility (AIDC) and payment industries for 2” or 3” thermal printer options, multiple data collection options including built-in RFID reader, and versatile payment options such as MSR, contact payment, contactless payment, PIN transaction, and fingerprint reader.

Among the advantages of using equipment PIDION mention:

  • All-in-One solution from ordering to delivery
  • Management of highly accurate data in real time
  • Collecting data via barcode scanner, RFID or camcorder
  • Provides continuous communication via GSM / GPRS / EGPRS / UMTS / HSDPA or WLAN
  • Assets Management and inventory via barcode scanner or RFID
  • SFA solutions




For over two decades Micronet has been developing, manufacturing and marketing mobile data terminals and mobile workforce management solutions, designed to facilitate workforce productivity, enable corporate efficiency, and enhance customer service. Micronet’s OEM products are implemented internationally, through channel partners, and recognized for their ingenuity, competitive pricing and service excellence.

The company focuses on two distinct industries within the mobility market:



  • Fleet management / Mobile Resource Management (MRM) – featuring the industry’s most extensive line of Mobile Data Terminals, fixed and portable, for a variety of fleet and workforce management applications.
  • Sales Force Automation – featuring an advanced Client/Server solutions for Route accounting / Direct Store Delivery (DSD) applications, in the Food, Beverage and Fast-Moving Consumer Packaged Goods (FMCPG) industries.

CE507 Truck main app



Bixolon believes that printing technology is an essential tool, which contributes to the business world as well as the general public. Bixolon is devoted to develop products and services that utilize the best people and apply the most advanced printing technologies. As a company that originated from Samsung Mini Printers, Bixolon provides POS, label, and mobile printers as well as tablet-based POS solutions. The SLP-TX400 and SLP-DX400 series, Bixolon’s barcode label printers, feature fast print speeds and deliver high compatibility based on world-class emulation support including ZPL.


BIXOLON is a global leader in specialty printing technologies:

  • Thermal Printers
  • Impact Printers
  • Inkjet Printers
  • Label Printers
  • Mobile Printers
  • Panel Printers




Datamax-O’Neil is the global provider who deliver one of the industry’s most complete line of stationary and portable label and receipt printing solution products, and a value-driven printing solution that minimizes risk and maximizes efficiency, safety, and quality.
The Datamax-O’Neil printing solutions enable manufacturing and supply markets to capture the benefits of automated product identification and automated legal and financial transactions.


  • Stationary Printers
  • Portable Printers
  • Software
  • Customization & OEM




Ascom Wireless Solutions is the leading specialist in wireless on-site communication solutions. The systems, solutions and services provided by Wireless Solutions optimize customers’ business processes in the following market segments: hospitals, elderly care, industry, retail, hotels and secure establishments. Our product portfolio concentrates primarily on four application areas: voice services/telephony, professional messaging (data transmission), alarm systems and localization.


Systems and Products:

  • Ascom IP-DECT
  • Paging
  • Ascom teleCARE IP
  • Ascom Unite
  • VoWIFI


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