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Mobility Security Convergence

Aruba Networks delivers and enterprise mobility solution that enables secure access to data, voice and video applications across wireless and wireline enterprise networks.

The mobile edge facilitated by Aruba Networks allows users and devices to connect over the air and across any network, to securely gain access to enterprise resources. The mobile edge is an evolutionary new architecture that delivers mobility, security and convergence for today’s networks and builds on a vision where the enterprise network will ultimately have far fewer ports than today.

Aruba’s Mobile Edge System consists of four components:


Access Points

Aruba wireless access points serve as on-ramps to aggregate wireless user traffic onto the enterprise network and direct this traffic to Aruba mobility controllers.

In addition to providing network access, Aruba wireless access points provide RF monitoring services for wireless networks. These access points provide connectivity to clients based on the 802.11 “Wi-Fi” standard, which is supported by a broad array of consumer and commercial devices.

Aruba offers both indoor and outdoor, dual-radio and single-radio wireless access points as well as antenna options . The Aruba architecture also enables secure mobility over third-party wireless access points and wired network switches.

Aruba has a broad portfolio of Access Points (APs) to address the needs of a wide array of environments:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Dual Radio Deployments
  • Indoor Single Radio Deployments
  • Challenging RF Indoor Deployment
  • Ceiling Deployment
  • Workspace Deployments
  • Telecommuter Deployment
  • Harsh Environment / Factory Floor Deployments
  • Secure Outdoor Wireless Bridging Deployments

The Aruba line of access points includes multiple models, sized and priced to support the varying requirements of different sizes of mobile enterprise networks from large campuses to small branch offices.

Mobility Controllers

Aruba Networks high-performance mobility controllers are built specifically to scale ArubaOS and additional software module capabilities for enterprise networks of all sizes. All Aruba mobility controllers share a common hardware architecture which includes a dedicated control processor, a high-performance programmable network processor unit and a unique programmable encryption engine. Mobility controllers aggregate network traffic from access points, process it using Aruba software controls and deliver it to the network.

Features and Benefits:

  • Full-featured, high-performance wireless LAN
  • Easy to deploy as an overlay without distruption to the wired network
  • Centralized security, control and management
  • Identity-based security gateway
  • Enforces role-based access control policies
  • Quarantines unsafe traffic
  • Guest access
  • Built-in captive portal
  • Seamless integration with existing corporate VPNs
  • Mobile VOIP capabilities

The Aruba line of mobility controllers includes multiple models, sized and priced to support the varying requirements of different sizes of mobile enterprise networks from large campuses to small branch offices.

Secure Mobility Software

Providing unified services to power mobility, ArubaOS is a comprehensive suite of system software for Aruba mobility controllers and access points .

ArubaOS uniquely integrates services of security, mobility, application-awareness, management and RF-tuning together to deliver the most secure and reliable anywhere, anytime access to enable effective enterprise mobility.

Standard with every Aruba mobility controller, ArubaOS provides unprecedented control over the entire mobile environment with centralized wireless LAN switching and mobility management.

Features and Benefits:

  • Centralized Wi-Fi Switching
  • Sophisticated Authentication and Encryption
  • Mobility Services
  • Automatic Radio Management (ARM)
  • N+1 Redundancy
  • Policy based access
  • Voice over Wi-Fi Services
  • Wi-Fi Intrusion Detection

Management Analytics and Threat Prevention

  • Aruba Mobility Management System The Aruba Mobility Management System (MMS) provides a comprehensive suite of applications for planning, monitoring, fault management, reporting, RF coverage and location visualization. By tightly integrating with other system components such as Aruba mobility controllers and access points the Aruba MMS represents a new category of network management applications optimized for managing network users and not just network devices.
  • Aruba Enterprise AnalyzerEnables real-time troubleshooting of the wireless LAN, using your Aruba Access Points as sensors. Most problem solving tasks can be done from a central location, eliminating the need for on-site visits for issues including interference/spectrum analysis, user connection difficulties, and traffic analysis, all without disassociating users. Also works with dedicated Spectrum Sensors to provide a detailed, refined view of radio interference detection and isolation.
  • RFprotect™ Mobile & DistributedRFprotect Mobile is a wireless analysis tool that helps design, maintain, and secure wireless networks. Running on a laptop and designed for walk-around use, RFprotect Mobile can be used for locating suspect devices, conducting security audits, site surveys and troubleshooting – whether a wireless LAN (WLAN) has been deployed or not. RFprotect Distributed provides 24/7 wireless monitoring via an overlay sensor network and a centralized intrusion prevention system for protecting against wireless threats in and around enterprise facilities. This powerful wireless security solution incorporates complete threat detection, attack prevention, policy enforcement and compliance reporting inside the enterprise.
  • Aruba Endpoint Compliance System (ECS)Network Access Control, comprising user identity/authorization, endpoint policy compliance, dynamic policy creation and enforcement, has become a vital component of overall enterprise security. Aruba ‘s user centric network infrastructure, which enables dynamic role-based access using an integrated stateful Policy Enforcement Firewall, may be used as part of a variety of standards-based and proprietary NAC architectures.For enterprises that seek an easy-to-deploy NAC solution from a single vendor, the combination of the Aruba Endpoint Compliance System (ECS) with Aruba ?s Mobility Controllers can also provide an end-to-end solution. ECS, offered in a convenient appliance form factor, can push either a persistent or dissolvable client to the endpoint, ensuring consistent security checks without the need to touch every endpoint.


Aerohive Networks

Aerohive helps simplify networking by reducing the cost and complexity of distributed enterprise deployments with cloud-enabled networking solutions. These solutions, based on our unique distributed intelligence architecture, include enterprise-class Wi-Fi access points, state-of-the-art gigabit switches, and easy-to-deploy routers.

Access Points

Aerohive’s 802.11n enterprise wireless LAN access points are an innovative class of wireless infrastructure equipment with cooperative control technology that provides the benefits of a controller-based wireless LAN solution, without requiring a controller or an overlay network.


Aerohive routers combine “work anywhere” mobility with enterprise routing functionality and complete security – all in a single device. The simple “plug and play” operation makes it easy for administrators to deploy hundreds or even thousands of remote/branch offices for their users. Aerohive routers are part of our Branch office network solution Branch on Demand and can be deployed via a purchase program or Network-as-a-Service offering.


Aerohive Networks SR platforms combine enterprise-class access switching with cloud-enabled management, on-demand provisioning, and secure branch routing to provide the industry’s most advanced networking feature set to the edge of your network.

Network Management

Aerohive’s HiveOS is the operating system that powers the Aerohive access points and routers, while HiveManager is the network management system (NMS) for configuration and monitoring. Together, with Aerohive access points and routers, these comprise a complete, controller-less Wi-Fi and remote network solution.



Juniper Networks

Juniper Wireless Controllers, access points and management tools deliver wireless LAN and WAN solutions for enterprises of all sizes and types for small retails installations to the largest campuses.

Access Points

Wireless LAN Access Points provide indoor or outdoor 802.11a/b/g/n connectivity for a variety of situations and installation sizes. All WLA Series products provide the bandwidth controls and performance to service demanding mobility applications, such as voice and video over wireless.


  • Encryption and access security
  • Intelligent switching
  • Band steering
  • Client load balancing
  • Dynamic authorization
  • QoS and bandwidth management
  • Spectrum and location scanning
  • Wireless intrusion prevention
Configured and controlled by Juniper Wireless LAN controllers, all WLAN access points can offload the controllers by inspecting and forwarding traffic, performing encryption and enforcing security locally at the access point. This results in optimized traffic flows, radically reduced latency, and massive scalability.

Wireless Access points can be managed collectively by a cluster of controllers, an approach that allows for hitless failover with zero downtime, providing unmatched session availability

Wireless LAN Controllers

Wireless LAN Controllers enable seamless integration of scalable, secure and reliable wireless LANs within enterprise wired infrastructures. Choose from a broad range of controllers for WLAN deployments of any size — from the smallest branch office or retail outlet to the largest business or university campus. Clusters of wireless LAN controllers and thousands of indoor and outdoor access points are treated as a single, unified network.


  • Seamless, identity-based roaming across the network
  • User-centric security with application-specific QoS profiles
  • Single-console management for all controllers
  • Advanced VOIP provisioning and management
  • Nonstop wireless availability for sessions

Network Management

A successful wireless LAN installation depends on optimized wireless infrastructure design, and management of the resulting resources. The Juniper Wireless LAN Portfolio management framework manages both the wireless LAN infrastructure and its mobility services.

Juniper RingMaster Software employs wizards that enable network administrators to quickly plan, configure and deploy a wireless network comprising hundreds of WLC Series controllers and thousands of WLA Series access points indoors and outdoors.

For large deployments RingMaster is also available as a WLM1200 Wireless LAN Management Appliance. And in the very largest enterprises with multiple large sites, information from multiple RingMaster instances can be aggregated using the RingMaster Global software.

The WLM1200 Wireless LAN Management Appliance is also available as a Location Appliance that continuously gathers and computes positioning data for any type of active Wi-Fi device. Or, as a Mobility Services Appliance which combines the functionality of RingMaster, SmartPass and Location services on a common platform, to provide an entry level unified management solution.

Juniper SmartPass software enables Guest Access that is easy to administer from the front desk, and enforces location based access control and much more, by tapping into network intelligence and positioning data available through RingMaster and the Location Appliance.



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