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Active Identity

Active Identity designs and develops scalable and customized RFID infrastructure solutions. Active Identity helps partners all over the world realize the full potential of RFID systems by maximizing Return On Investment and reducing Total Cost of Ownership.

Active Identity’s Envoy enables fast deployment and integration of intelligent RFID systems.


The Envoy is designed to meet the growing expectations from RFID systems by enabling autonomous inter-device communications in RFID deployments. Through its innovative Infrastructure Management and Tag Processing Engine, the Envoy decouples the application layer from the hardware design complexity reducing the time and resources needed to realize the FULL potential of your RFID investment.




Ekahau is able to derive accurate and consistent location information even in areas where other technologies are prone to fail. Ekahau solutions are even praised by competing location technology professionals. Ekahau is widely awarded for its excellence in developing technologies and for its revolutionary way of thinking.

Products and Systems:

  • Ekahau RTLS | Tracking Systems | Workflow and Supply Chain – Ekahau RTLS applications offer users clear visibility into their operations, turning location of assets across the enterprise into valuable information. For businesses with an eye on the bottom line and a goal of improving efficiency, these applications deliver the data required to streamline business processes and optimize asset utilization.
  • Ekahau Positioning Engine – Ekahau Positioning Engine is the only software based real-time location system in the market. Besides outperforming competing hardware based solutions, EPE is truly open and future proof location platform that can leverage any existing Wi-Fi network.
  • Ekahau Tags – Leveraging the award-winning Ekahau Positioning Engine (EPE) software platform, the Ekahau Wi-Fi tags enables real-time people and asset tracking in any standard Wi-Fi network.
  • Ekahau Site Survey – With the ESS you can quickly and accurately record, visualize, analyze, optimize, and report the performance of Wireless LANs (802.11a/b/g).


Alien Technology

Alien Technology provides UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products and services to customers in retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, defense, transportation and logistics, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Organizations use Alien’s RFID products and services to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and security of their supply chains, logistics and asset tracking operations.


Akien is a global leader in specialty RFID technologies:

  • RFID Readers – Built for real world challenging environments. Advanced “intelligence” reduces network traffic, minimizes network equipment and lowers setup and maintenance costs.
  • RFID Tags – The industry’s most respected tag and label solutions.
  • RFID ICs – Mass-market optimized UHF Passive EPCglobal Gen2 and ISO/IEC 18000-6c compliant RFID transceiver chips.



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